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Baldur's Gate 3, Street Fighter and Lost Ark developers discuss.

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Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition

Figures, HD anime film, exclusive DLC.

Capcom has announced plans to release a special Collector's Edition version of Street Fighter IV on both PS3 and Xbox 360.

Due out in Europe and Australia when the game launches on 20th February, the SF IV CE includes figures, an anime film, strategy guides and exclusive access to downloadable content.

The figures will be limited edition versions of Ryu and Crimson Viper "positioned within the familiar settings of the 'crowded Chinese downtown'".

Meanwhile, a second bonus disc offers a feature-length HD anime movie created for SF IV, and a selection of the pre-release trailers.

Then there's a mini strategy guide in the style of a comic art book, detailing moves and bios for Viper, Abel, El Fuerte and Rufus.

And that's before you consider the exclusive DLC, details of which we have none. Special outfits? Stages? Or more traditional stuff like gamer pictures?

We'll see. And look out for extensive hands-on with the console versions early next year.