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Stellar Blade will be "uncensored" in all regions

"Including the Japanese version."

Eve from Stellar Blade.
Image credit: Sony/Shift Up

Stellar Blade will be "uncensored" in all regions, including Japan.

That's according to the game's official social media account on X, which announced the news earlier today.

Stellar Blade - Demo Teaser | PS5 GamesWatch on YouTube

"Stellar Blade offers the same uncensored version in all countries, including the Japanese version," the tweet said in both English and Japanese, appending the message with a pixellated image with red X emblazoned across it, and the words "uncensored all countries".

Stellar Blade isn't out until 26th April, but it's already generated so much interest the developer asked players to "go easy" on the game's demo, with some players racking up over 50 hours of playtime – progress that will carry over to the main game when it releases later this week. The demo alone peaked at 690,000 daily active users.

Stellar Blade is better than Nier: Automata, according to the latter's esteemed director Yoko Taro.

"Stellar Blade is a really amazing game. I'd say that it's much better than NieR:Automata," Taro said.

"The graphics are completely next-gen quality and the character design's direction is amazing. The cool male characters and cute female characters unique to Mr. Kim's style are really appealing. Shops in RPGs often have a close-up shot of the shopkeeper, which I don't like because I think it feels unnatural. Stellar Blade has a shot like that too, but the shopkeeper was so cute that I didn't mind! Her cuteness felt more important than any design choices."

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