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Steampunk cybercrime caper The Swindle confirmed for consoles

Gun Monkey dev's latest headed to PlayStation, Xbox One, Wii U.

The Swindle - the upcoming game from Dan Marshall, developer of Gun Monkeys and Time Gentlemen, Please - has been confirmed for a console release.

Already announced for launch via Steam, the steampunk cybercrime caper will also now arrive on PlayStation 3, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U and Xbox One, courtesy of British publisher Curve Digital.

Marshall expects all versions to launch simultaneously "probably" during summer 2015. "Early summerish, hopefully," Marshall said. "It's still in development and I refuse to be rushed."

A mix of roguelike and role-playing game elements, The Swindle is about breaking into buildings, hacking their systems, stealing cash and then managing to escape.

Marshall has been working on the game since 2011, but temporarily abandoned development after finding that various game elements weren't working. The implementation of a new procedural generation system eventually saved the game, however - turning it from "Sonic the Hedgehog crossed with Deus Ex" to something more like "Spelunky crossed with Deus Ex".

"Playing the current build of The Swindle reveals a game that cobbles cramped, labyrinthine environments together with tooled-up patrolling idiots to brilliant effect," Eurogamer's Christian Donlan wrote last year.

"It's a game that encourages you to make a plan, and then throws the unexpected at you with eager force so you constantly have to alter that plan as you dash around, grabbing as much cash as you can before the guards cave your head in."

Marshall has said that he turned down offers of timed console-exclusivity for the title in favour of simply "getting it into as many people's hands as possible on a format that feels the most comfortable to them".

"I think that's the great thing about doing the deal with Curve Digital, it means it's coming out on pretty much everything at the same time," Marshall explained to Eurogamer. "That was really important to me, I'm not interested in exclusivity deals and what-have-you.

"I'd rather people just enjoyed the game and got a lot out of it, and putting it on consoles so it can be played on whichever box they chose to spend their hard earned cash on, is the best way to do that."

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