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Star Wars Galaxies support to continue

Even though SWTOR's on the way.

LucasArts executive Tom Nichols has confirmed there will be continuing support for Star Wars Galaxies - even though new MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic is on the way.

Nichols was speaking at the recent press event for Star Wars: The Old Republic, currently being developed by BioWare. "We have many other features planned to support Star Wars Galaxies," he told Eurogamer. "We see no reason why the two games can't exist together."

Star Wars Galaxies was published by Sony Online Entertainment in 2003. SOE faced heavy criticism after releasing an update that made major changes to the game, much to the irritation of many players. According to Nichols, LucasArts will work hard to ensure the same mistakes are not made twice.

"We've learned how important it is to listen to your community and act on that feedback," he said.

"We also realised what players expect from an online Star Wars game - they expect to be that iconic Star Wars hero as soon as possible. They don't want to play for hundreds of hours just to become a Jedi."

Which is why, in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you'll be able to start out right at the beginning as a fully-fledged Jedi. Or a Sith, or as a member of one of the other character classes in the game, which they're "not talking about today".

For everything that is known about The Old Republic so far, visit the gamepage and our full preview.

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