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Square Enix suing Deus Ex leakers

15 Italians in the dock.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Square Enix is suing 15 Italians it believes are responsible for the Deus Ex: Human Revolution leak that occurred earlier this year.

Patent Arcade reports the Japanese publisher accused the group of logging into the "protected internet portal" where a demo of the game was hosted for press only.

With access information gained from Italian games magazine GMC, they copied the code and uploaded it onto the internet, Square Enix claims. Unofficial videos of the game appeared online after the build was distributed on torrent sites.

According to the complaint this was done without the permission or knowledge of the GMC reviewer who had access to the code. Rather, it came from an IP address not associated with the magazine.

Square Enix claims copyright infringement and seeks damages in excess of $5000.

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