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Splatoon 2's latest map brings all the fun of the fair and is out now

Along with four new weapon variants.

Nintendo's ever-expanding Splatoon 2 is embiggened once more, thanks to another influx of goodies - this time in the form of a delightful new amusement-park-themed map and four new weapons variants.

It's the map that's the real draw, of course, and it's a bit of a stunner, positively awash in lovely incidental detail. Titled Wahoo World (presumably no relation to Wahoo Island, or indeed the thing that Sims do when the lights go down), the new stage is a lovely sprawl of platforms and concentric circles, drawing into a raised central point with a dinky little rocket ride below.


And the whole thing sits on the water, surrounded by rides, shrieking coasters, and the imposing ferris wheel of the theme park proper - which, in a rather lovely tough of continuity, is visible from Splatoon 2's The Reef stage, and from Inkopolis Plaza back in Splatoon 1.

Splatoon 2's four new weapons (Nintendo recently switched its release model from one new weapon a week to four a month to discourage players from all gravitating toward the same load-out at once) come in the form of the Custom Dual Squelcher, Rapid Blaster Elite Deco, Undercover Brella, and Carbon Roller Deco.

These four new variants all feature, as is now customary, their own unique combination of sub-weapon and special attack. The Custom Dual Squelcher, for instance, is paired with Splat Bombs and Ink Storm, the Rapid Blaster Elite Deco gets the Splash Wall and Ink Armour, the Undercover Brella works in tandem with Splat Bombs and the Baller, and the Carbon Roller Deco is matched with the Burst Bomb and Autobomb Launcher.

There's more Splatoon 2 excitement on the horizon too, of course; the game's first paid expansion - which adds a host of new octo-themed goodies, including a new 80-mission single-player campaign, and new playable Octolings - is scheduled to release this summer. Christian Donlan took a little look at it recently and very much liked what he saw.