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Splatoon 2's very Nintendo warning for rage quitters

"Preeeeetty suspicious."

If Animal Crossing's Mr. Resetti hasn't taught you already, it's bad form to quit in the middle of play.

Raging out of a Splatoon 2 match is no different. In fact, Nintendo will warn you if you repeatedly quit when losing.

Players have noted a cheeky message from Nintendo within the game, which was viewable in last weekend's Splatfest beta. Quit too many times, the warning suggests, and you'll get a timed ban.

"Your previous online play session didn't end naturally, which is PREEEEETTY suspicious," Splatoon 2's message states. "If this keeps happening, we're gonna have to block you from playing online for a while. Make sure your internet isn't busted and try again."

We won't ask what people did to make this alert pop up.

Splatoon 2 launches this Friday worldwide. Eurogamer's review is in the works.

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