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Sony plants Euro Flower date

Day-and-date with the US.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has told Eurogamer that pretty PSN game Flower will arrive here on Thursday 12th February.

There's no price just yet, but thatgamecompany's previous title, flOw, cost GBP 3.49, so that should make for a solid root to sprout guesses from.

Flower transports us into the dreams of city flowers stuck on smoggy windowsills. Using the motion-sensing controller, players guide petals through fields and crash them into other flowers, causing explosions of colour that eventually blot out the dreary urban beginnings and murdering prostitutes.

Head over to the US PlayStation blog to watch a brand new trailer of Flower. Or check in here tomorrow lunchtime for our thoughts on a near-complete build of the game.

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