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Sony plans tiny games for PSP Store

And lots more downloadable bigguns.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony hopes to stock the PSP Store with "bite-size" new downloadable games and old PSP games that retailers aren't bothering with any more.

That's according to senior product manager John Koller, speaking to Kotaku, who said that there is an "opportunity" to do "ten-minute, pick-up-and-play" downloads.

He also said that downloadable PSP games - so far we've seen the likes of WipEout Pure and B-Boy - would be ones that are in demand from PSP owners but that retailers have given up on - "titles like WipEout, Twisted Metal".

Sony is certainly not giving up on the PSP just because the DS is doing a bit well. Indeed, Sony Europe president David Reeves told us in August that PlayStation Network could also act as a feeder service for PSP, and already we're seeing PSone games released on both PSP and PS3.

Plus of course we have the Remote Play option, which regularly grows in scope. At this point you can get it to turn on your PS3 remotely, stream certain content and even dry your jeans if you have to walk to work in the rain.

Kotaku also reports that he mentioned cheaper UMD movies. I don't about you, but that's not why I'm not buying any.

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