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SiN Episodes appear dead

Ritual's new owners not keen.

Ritual's new owner Mumbo Jumbo has said that action games will not be the studio's primary focus from now on, casting doubt on the future of SiN Episodes.

"The idea of acquiring Ritual was to have them strengthen our development in the casual genre and not to have them involved at all in the action style games," Mark Cottam, CEO of Mumbo Jumbo, told GameDaily.

"If there's an opportunity to have them do something on the SiN episodes, we would look at that, but that will not be the focus of the company."

Ritual has so far released one episode of the new SiN series, via Steam, which met with decent reviews.

"The combined companies will focus exclusively on casual [games], unless opportunities present themselves that we think are strategic from a business standpoint... Again, I wouldn't close the door on [traditional games] but that's not the primary focus," Cottam added.

Ritual studio head Ken Harward recently told our sister site GamesIndustry.biz that the developer wasn't just a one-trick pony - hedging his bets perhaps.

"I'd like to see Ritual continue to branch out into different genres, potentially even experimental genres. I do not view Ritual as simply a first-person-shooter development house," he said.

We're not overly optimistic for SiN's future, but it's nice to hear there's still hope.

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