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SiN Episodes now due in May

Wanted: new Emergence puns.

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Just in case you missed it during the rush of news that, well, emerged from the Game Developers Conference last week, Ritual's said that SiN Episodes: Emergence will be released via Steam and possibly retail in May.

That's having already quietly delayed the game until "early 2006" having failed to hits its previous autumn 2005 target. Episodic, digitally distributed content is the way forward, Valve boss Gabe Newell said during GDC, before Valve admitted Half-Life 2: Episode One had been delayed. It's certainly cause for peering off into the future a lot, we'll give him that.

Anyway, Ritual's QA Manager Michael Russell has since popped up on fan-site Ritualistic's message boards, trying to perk people up by arguing that "we wouldn't be moving the release date that far back if the end result wasn't going to be good for the game, good for gamers and good for Ritual as well."

So, er, that's good then. And in case you missed this too, 'switch on' (or whatever) Eurogamer TV to see a trailer from February.

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