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Sin Emergence patched

Difficulty tweaked.

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Valve and Ritual have issued a patch for Sin Episodes: Emergence, reviewed on the site today.

The update, which ought to apply itself when you restart Steam, tweaks the game's difficulty system - something that niggled us a bit during our playthrough - as well as sorting out some bugs with player stats, sound, textures and other minor issues.

Which is handy.

Emergence is the first in Ritual's new series of episodic follow-ups to 1998's PC first-person shooter Sin. The first one takes a handful of hours to finish and picks up with main character John Blade powerless at the hands of evil Sintek exec Elexis Sinclaire and her druglord pal Radek.

Naturally things improve, as Blade teams up with foul-mouthed rookie Jessica on a mission to unravel Radek and Elexis' little union and the mystery of what Blade was injected with as the game began. By shooting lots and lots and lots of men.

Ritual's currently working on a follow-up, and some multiplayer.

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