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Sin Episodes gets new mode

Arena available with four maps.

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Ritual's released an update to Sin Episodes: Emergence through Steam which adds a new game mode, Arena, and four maps to go with it.

Arena mode, announced prior to E3, is a single-player high-scores mode where you take on a series of foes until you die - with the difficulty shifting upward and upward as you go.

There are four maps to start with - Highrise Lobby, The Office, Turbine and U4 Processing Station. Lead game designer Shawn Ketcherside, speaking on his blog, compares it to the lobby sequence in The Matrix.

"Just to stem off any rumors, concerns, or worries, Arena Mode is NOT a replacement for Multiplayer," he says. "We're still hard at work on that, and it's still slated for a future release."

You can read more on Sin Episodes' new features, and Ritual's progress on Episode 2, on Ketcherside's blog.

Arena mode should download when you next log into Steam. The update also includes a few miscellaneous bug fixes detailed on Valve's website.

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