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SiN Episodes trailer on EGTV


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Image credit: Eurogamer

Ritual has released a fairly chunky trailer for SiN Episodes: Emergence - the first instalment in its forthcoming series of SiN revivals.

The trailer, available to watch now on Eurogamer TV, shows off tons of footage from the single-player game - the weapons, enemies, environments, physics tricks, the works.

Ritual's clearly enjoying working with Valve's Source Engine, coming up with all sorts of ways to take advantage of its pronounced physicality - in one scenario, the player fishes around in an office drawer and finds a health canister, which has to be affixed to a Half-Life-style dispenser on the wall before it's any use.

SiN Episodes: Emergence is due out in "early 2006" according to Ritual's latest estimate. It'll be available via Steam, Valve's digital download system, and cost "well below $19.99" according to the developer, with a boxed release also possible.

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