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Ritual brings us pie charts

Sin Episodes stats.

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Clearly buoyed by the interest in Valve's own Half-Life: Episode One stats, Ritual has uploaded some of its own for Sin Episodes: Emergence - and put the Steam-bringers to shame with colourful graphs and even pie charts.

So if you ever wanted to know the average amount of deaths-per-map, how many people used a particular difficulty level, the best completion times and roughly how long it takes to search out most of the secrets, this is where you'll want to head.

Although Ritual admits that the "Upload Stats" button was an undocumented feature, and suggests that a lot of players foolishly hit the button at the start of the game rather than the end, it's an interesting collection of figures anyway - revealing that the average completion time for the game is a little under five hours, and the percentage of people who completed the Emergence episode was around 18 percent, while less than 8 percent of players turned on the cheats.

You'll also discover that half a percentile of players found 43 secrets, while 0.0 percent found 40. Which suggests that if you're in it you're in it for the long haul. There's also news that exploding barrels are more popular than melee attacks, and that just over 5 percent of people turned on the HardCORPS mode - unlocked when you complete the game - which challenges you to get as far as possible on one life.

That's not all you can do with Sin of course, thanks to the recent addition of Arena Mode - for which Ritual has also catalogued a host of

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