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Shovel Knight has sold over 300K copies

And we can dig it.

Shovel Knight has sold more than 300K copies, developer Yacht Club Games has announced.

That's petty good considering that Shovel Knight began life as a humble Kickstarter project just over a year and a half ago in April 2013. It made more than four times its $75K goal with an ending tally of $311,502K.

Shovel Knight launched on PC in June along with its 3DS and Wii U versions in North America, but it only made its way to European and Australian Nintendo platforms one month ago today.

It was well received critically. "The game has a light, fresh appeal, even for those who never played 16-bit platform games the first time around, skewering the old publisher lie that only the latest, loudest, most technologically accomplished video games are worthwhile," wrote our Simon Parkin in his Shovel Knight review. "There is gold in these old genres, and Shovel Knight is a successful dig."