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Shovel Knight devs reveal New Project: Mina The Hollower

Cute but deadly.

The next game from Yacht Club Games, the developer famous for Shovel Knight, has been revealed: a brand-new project known as Mina The Hollower.

In a first for the company, the game has nothing to do with Shovel Knight. Rather, this time players will have the chance to take on the mantle of Mina, an adorable but lethal mouse. Don't let their cute façade fool you though. Yacht Club has promised players a "bone chilling" experience.

On a quest to save a cursed island from the perils that have befallen it, Mina must "leap, dodge, and burrow through the ground" while fighting off monsters with her trusty whip Nightstar or other various trinkets and sidearms. As if this didn't sound compelling enough on its own, the whole game is stylised as an homage to handheld games of the Game Boy Color era, with pixelated foes, a top-down perspective and (something vital for any Game Boy game) a glorious chiptune soundtrack. It's almost as if Castlevania and Link's Awakening had a baby, and that baby was Mina The Hollower. The full reveal trailer for Mina The Hollower can be watched below.

In order to help fund the development of Mina The Hollower, Yacht Club Games has turned to Kickstarter once more. This move appears to have paid off, as the developer has already confidently exceeded its £230k pledge goal, and that number just keeps on rising. At the time of writing, it is already around £260k.

Meanwhile, Shovel Knight keeps going from strength to strength. Eurogamer's Christian Donlan recently got his hands on Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon, where he called it an "an awful lot of fun", despite not typically being a fan of falling block puzzle games.

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