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Pokémon Go has a new tracking mechanic, but only certain users have it

Two paws forward...

There's a brand new tracking mechanic in Pokémon Go - but only a small handful of players can try it out.

The feature has been redesigned around Pokéstops, to show which locations a nearby Pokémon is closest to. It's a step up from there being no tracking at all... but it's still nowhere near the level of accuracy promised in early trailers for the game - or which was offered by services such as Pokévision before they were shut down.

If you are one of the lucky few to get Pokémon Go's tracking feature, you should notice it as soon as you download last night's v1.30 patch.

Here's a better look at how it works:

Select a nearby Pokémon, see which PokéStop it's closest to, then see the location marked on your map.

Pokémon Go update v1.30 also fixes points bonuses while catching Pokémon, allows you to change your trainer name one time only, and restores the battery saver feature on iOS devices.

General Pokémon just in your vicinity are now labelled as "sightings":

The app will also now detect if you are travelling over a certain speed and warn you not to Pokémon Go and drive:

(I was on the train at the time - and was definitely not driving).

For everything else Pokémon related, be sure to consult our detailed set of Pokémon Go guides.

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