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See the Sea of Thieves Kraken be killed


Shiver me timbers! Sea of Thieves only set sail this morning but already the legendary Kraken has been found, and killed.

Various crews have lived to tell the tale and share their videos - the best bit in all of them being the moment the tentacled beast of legend appears. Cue darkened seas and dramatic music and then let the wails be heard. There be some soiled breeches I tell ye!

Watch on YouTube

The way to kill the Kraken is to shoot and slash at the tentacles with your handguns, cannon and swords. But beware the mouths of the tentacles for they can snatch you up and try to consume you, unless you slash your way free first.

The Kraken also wraps tentacles around your ship and punches holes in it, so you will need to repair constantly if you want to stay afloat.

An organised crew take down the Kraken. There's some swearing, naturally.Watch on YouTube

Should you live to tell the tale and send the beast packing your reward appears to be only an Achievement: "Kraken Good Job [15G] - A number of tentacles appeared from the ocean, you quelled the beast without showing emotion."

How long will it take you? We have a Sea of Thieves guide to help you as you set sail from today.

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