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Sea of Thieves will be down for hours tomorrow

Wave off five hours of playtime.

Pirate simulator Sea of Thieves will be offline for five hours tomorrow, Saturday 24th March.

Thinking of getting up early to get your grog on? Don't bother. Sea of Thieves will be unavailable for five hours tomorrow morning and early afternoon - between 9am and 2pm UK time.

Developer Rare announced the downtime in a blog post, alongside a further maintenance window between 9am and 2pm next Tuesday 27th March.

Rare will use the time to patch up some of the current issues affecting the game - many of which Rare itself has implemented to cope with the huge server demand around launch.

Mission rewards not being granted until you log out and log back in, temporarily missing items, a lack of Achievements and entitlements such as the Black Dog Pack - all of these are symptoms of Rare attempting to lighten server loads.

When you are back online, how about giving this a go?Watch on YouTube

How have you found your first few days on the ocean?

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