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Sea of Thieves gets a spin-off tabletop board game

What arrr the odds?

A tabletop game based on Sea of Thieves is out now.

Described as a "competitive seafaring game of piracy", the £60 board game Sea of Thieves: Voyage of Legends from Steamforged Games is suitable for two to four players and sees them "explore the high seas voyages packed with danger and excitement as they attempt to build a fearsome reputation and compete for the coveted Pirate Legend title".

Sea of Thieves' Monkey Island collaboration plays out across three monthly episodes.Watch on YouTube

"Sea of Thieves: Voyage of Legends replicates and reimagines aspects of the video game to create an authentic tabletop experience," the team at Steamforged says. "The goal for Steamforged was to seamlessly blend Voyage of Legends with the Sea of Thieves environment, making the game board, cards, and tokens feel at home on a tavern table in an outpost. The board game itself serves as a familiar hub where players can track their progress and house the various cards needed to become a pirate legend."

The game takes around 90 to 120 minutes to play in total and features seven game board titles, 24 standees, 10 dice, four rules reference cards, 18 special crew cards, 20 event cards, 52 fortunes card, 52 voyage cards, 12 ship cards, eight enemy cards, and over 300 tokens.

"We were extremely excited to have been entrusted with creating the Sea of Thieves tabletop game," says Sherwin Matthews, lead designer of the board game.

"Several of our team are huge fans of the video game, and it's been a wonderful and rewarding world to explore for a tabletop adaptation. I'm thrilled that we've created a new way for fans to enjoy their favourite game, and for new people to experience the 'be more pirate' life for the first time."

"One of my favourite moments in Sea of Thieves' new Monkey Island collaboration comes right near the start of the first episode; as you sail through the familiar pea green soup of the Sea of the Damned, approaching a distant, dimly lit island, a transformation occurs," Matt writes in his fab piece about the new collaboration.

"Suddenly, the familiar Monkey Island theme begins to stir in a rumbling of steel drums, the fog parts in unison with a dramatic colour palette shift, and there it is, in a sheer blast of giddying nostalgia: the unmistakable moonlit heft of Mêlée Island, sprawled beneath searing purple skies."

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