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Sea of Stars sells 100k copies in one day

UPDATE: Now outsold first year projections.

Sea of Stars artwork showing heroes to the right, facing off against various enemies using magical spells
Image credit: Sabotage Studio/Eurogamer

UPDATE 06/09/23: Sea of Stars has now sold over 250k copies after just one week of sales.

As developer Sabotage Studio shared on social media, the game has sold in a week what the studio had projected for a year.

In short, it's selling very well. And as mentioned in the original story below, Sea of Stars is available on both Game Pass and PS Plus, meaning even more people are likely playing it.

ORIGINAL STORY 30/08/2023: Retro-style RPG Sea of Stars has sold 100k copies in just one day.

It's an impressive number for the indie game from The Messenger developer Sabotage Studio. It's doubly impressive when the game was released simultaneously on both Game Pass and PlayStation Plus - the first game to do so.

The sales announcement, made on X (formerly Twitter), specifies copies sold rather than the game's overall players, meaning that 100k number reflects Steam and Switch sales.

Sea of Stars Launch TrailerWatch on YouTube

The game was first announced in 2020 via Kickstarter and has clearly picked up a strong following since then.

A demo was released across all platforms too, which has surely helped to give initial sales a boost.

Our Sea of Stars review describes the game as "a throwback RPG laced with modern magic and care".

"Sea of Stars rips inspiration from all directions - not just from the obvious Chrono Trigger - tosses those inspirations into a blender, and the resulting cocktail is smart, charming, and constantly surprising. More importantly, the game also never feels derivative, balancing old and new on a knife's edge."

Having played the demo myself ahead of launch, I too have jumped straight in and am having the best time.

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