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Sea of Stars heading to PlayStation next year

Plus a fresh look at combat.

Sea of Stars, the next game from the creators of The Messenger, is heading to PlayStation consoles in addition to Switch and PC.

The news comes alongside a new trailer that gives a fresh look at the game's combat system.

The retro-inspired RPG is heavily influenced by Chrono Trigger and includes similarly turn-based combat within its world without random encounters.

Cover image for YouTube videoSea of Stars - Announcement Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games
Sea of Stars' PlayStation announcement trailer.

It also takes a leaf out of Super Mario RPG's book with timed hits in sync with animations for extra damage and defence.

Enemies will have elemental locks on their health bars which will need to be broken by using damage of a certain type.

There are further layers with the ability to swap out party members, combo moves that combine character abilities (very Chrono Trigger), and boosting attacks to increase damage.

Plus players who buy the game on PlayStation will have access on both PS4 and PS5.

You can read more on the PlayStation Blog.

The game was only recently delayed into 2023, having previously aimed for a release this year.