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Save big this Prime Day on these Western Digital Black SN850 NVMe SSDs

One of the best deals on SSDs this Prime Day

When it comes to storage devices, whether it's a traditional, spinning hard drive or a modern SSD, you can't often do better than Western Digital.

Western Digital's best products are usually reserved for their 'Black' line, which covers both quality and speeds. Gen 4 NVMe SSDs are the fastest you can currently buy on the market for traditional PCs and PlayStation 5 consoles, and right now for Amazon Prime Day, the 1TB SN850 SSD is available for just £100, which is a £25 saving over the usual price. And the larger capacity 2TB version is currently on sale for £178, over £100 off Amazon's standard price. Over in the US, you can bag it for a similar price. It was $160, down to $114. Amazon Prime Day ends at midnight tonight so you've only got today to bag it for this insanely low price.

WD Black SN850 with heatsink - £100 (was £125) from Amazon UK

Save £25 on this PS5 compatible NVMe solid state drive.

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WD Black SN850 with heatsink - $114 (was $160) from Amazon US

There's $45 off this PS5 compatible SSD.

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It used to be the case for a while that using an SSD as a boot drive for your desktop or laptop was the way forward, while opting for a cheaper standard hard drive for your games and file storage. But these prices mean you can bag one of the fastest available SSDs as the way to upgrade your computer.

And PlayStation 5 owners are in luck. It's become clear within a short amount of time with falling prices of Gen 4 SSDs that it's relatively cheap to upgrade that small amount of internal storage. These drives, particular the 2TB model, offer a way of increasing the number of games you have ready to play, saving you time from either downloading them again or swapping them from an external, traditional hard drive.

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