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Save 40 per cent on this light SteelSeries Aerox 3 mouse

Coming in at just 68g!

We've all experienced it: we get so involved in whatever gaming world we're exploring that our palms end up getting sweaty. There isn't much of a solution besides washing them and taking a break when it comes to console gaming with a controller. However, a few manufacturers of PC peripherals have tried making gaming mice that are light, without compromising on their quality.

In comes the SteelSeries Aerox 3 wireless gaming mouse. It's made exactly for these situations, when your hand may get too warm during lengthy gaming sessions, and it's down a huge 40 per cent for just £59.99 over at Amazon right now.

Don't be fooled thinking this is just a light gaming mouse as it's packed with features. Firstly, of course, is that it's light, weighing in at just 68g, and has a mesh design. This lets your palm breathe and not become hot within a short period of heated online gaming. Plus, you can connect it to your PC via wireless 2.4GHz connection or through Bluetooth, giving you ultimate wireless freedom.

It also has a battery life rated up to 200 hours, so you can count on it not giving up mid-game when you're with your squad. And even if it does die, it can be recharged via USB-C fast charging. It's also rated for IP54 water and dust resistance. SteelSeries know that the mesh design comes with a potential risk, and it's great to see them mitigating it so that a small water spill doesn't ruin the mouse forever.

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