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Sam Barlow was offered "exposure" to put Her Story in a Tesla

"One of the sillier ideas I’ve heard".

Immortality and Her Story developer Sam Barlow has said he was asked by Tesla to put his game in a car for the exposure.

Last week, Tesla owner Elon Musk bought Twitter and now, as The Verge reported, the social media platform plans to charge users $20 each month for verification.

In the wake of this, Barlow had his own story to tell about Tesla.

Cover image for YouTube videoIMMORTALITY Release Trailer
IMMORTALITY Release Trailer

"Tesla once reached out to ask to put Her Story in a car. I asked how much they would pay for the licence and to cover the engineering work - they suggested zero, that I consider the exposure I would get," he said.

"Her Story in a car remains one of the sillier ideas I've heard," he added.

Untitled Goose Game developer Cabel Sasser responded to Barlow, saying "same re: Goose", to which Barlow replied jokingly "'Horrific self driving vehicle crash. Police suspect mischievous goose'".

Earlier this month, BMW announced a partnership with AirConsole to add casual games to its vehicles, though it specifies this is for "every waiting situation inside the vehicle".

Still, adding video games of any kind to a vehicle doesn't seem like the best idea.

Barlow's Immortality was released back in August, which we gave a Recommended badge to. "Sam Barlow's epic mystery of self-reference and cinema is an elaborate, ingenious enigma - one that would be even better if it didn't want to be solved," reads our Immortality review.