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Saints Row 3 special edition detailed

Bullet-shaped ice cube tray, anyone?

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Saints Row: The Third gets a suitably off-the-wall special edition for its November launch.

As spotted by Destructoid, the Smooth Criminal Edition has popped up on Australian retailer EB Games' site.

Priced at $128 (around £80), the set includes the following outré extras:

  • Unique edition packaging
  • Sunglasses
  • Bullet-shaped ice cube tray
  • Silver-plated Saints Crest cuff links
  • Exclusive in-game soundtrack

Pre-orders also snag the Professor Genki Hyper-Ordinary Pre-order Pack, which includes various exclusive in-game items such as a Genki stuntman outfit, Man-a-pult Car and Octopuss Gun.

We're chasing confirmation of a European release and price now.

The Volition-developed threequel is due out on 18th November and is shaping up rather nicely, last time we checked. Take a look at our Saints Row: The Third preview for details.

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