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Rumour suggests there's a new Halo Infinite multiplayer mode in development

And it "could be a take on the popular battle royale formula or something completely different entirely".

Support studio Certain Affinity may be working on a new game mode for Halo Infinite.

The news broke around the same time rumours bubbled up that Certain Affinity is also reportedly working on a Monster Hunter style co-op game with Xbox.

There are no precise details on what the Texan studio - which has previously contributed to prior Halo titles, as well as Call of Duty games and World of Tanks - is working on, but the fact that responsibility for the new mode has been passed onto a partner studio intimates it may be something completely new for the sci-fi shooter.

The tip - which popped up on Windows Central and can only be taken with the prerequisite bucketful of salt for now, of course - posits that Certain Affinity's involvement "could be a take on the popular battle royale formula or something completely different entirely".

Though that's a maddeningly opaque statement that will be proved both right and wrong in the coming months, it should be good news for Halo Infinite fans who've enjoyed their time with the shooter's free-to-play multiplayer and may be interested in trying out a Halo-themed battle royale-style mode.

Microsoft recently confirmed that Halo Infinite has enjoyed the biggest launch in the series' history with over 20 million players.

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