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Microsoft reportedly developing Monster Hunter style co-op game

A certain affinity to Capcom's work.

Microsoft is reportedly working on a Monster Hunter style co-op game.

Developer Certain Affinity is behind the game, having previously collaborated on Halo and Call of Duty games among others.

The news comes from GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, speaking on the Giant Bomb podcast.

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"They're working with Certain Affinity on what seems like a Monster Hunter style game - a Monster Hunter clone," said Grubb. "They see this gameplay style succeeding, and Microsoft's like, 'hey, we should try to make one of those, is anyone out there going to pitch one?'

"They want more variety in the kinds of games they're putting on Game Pass and this is an example of that.

"They're like, 'we probably can't get Monster Hunter on Game Pass - that would be pretty expensive - but we definitely want a game like that, because we see the potential for that to grow and be a big thing with long-term support."

Certain Affinity, based in Austin, Texas, is led by former multiplayer and online lead for the Halo series Max Hoberman.

In February last year the developer announced it was working on a brand new IP.

"Are we excited to take on a genre and style of game that we've always loved? Thrilled beyond words! Are we honoured to be bringing this game to market? Indescribably so! Are there any other tantalising details regarding this new venture? More than we can say!" reads a statement on the developer website.

Said Hoberman at the time: "We have been building towards this project for the past few years. We're thrilled to have signed an agreement to lead development on our most ambitious title to date. This game is our creative vision to lead and our team is exceptionally passionate about it."

It's possible this new IP is the Monster Hunter style game Grubb describes.

Meanwhile Monster Hunter Rise is available on Steam and the PC port looks great at 4K and 60fps.

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