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Rocket League's second birthday update detailed

Don't want to waste your shot.

Footballing car game Rocket League will celebrate its second birthday next month with some new freebies.

On 5th July, all players will get a new arena, Champions Field, for use in Competitive, Casual and Private matches.

Other new features include a new radio of music from record label Monstercat, two new Import Battle-Cars to find in the game's new Overdrive Crate and a range of new customisation options (some free, some crate drops).

Trails, engine sounds and goal explosion effects are now customisable.

There will also be new Achievements and Trophies. See the new features in action below:

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Rocket League's actual birthday falls on 7th July. It was this day two years ago when the game launched for PC and on PlayStation 4 via PS Plus, which kickstarted the game's success. More than 31m people now own a copy.

In related news, NVIDIA is currently offering a copy of Rocket League for free with the purchase of a GeForce GTX 1060 or 1050-based graphics card or PC.