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Rocket League gets Back to the Future DLC

McFly, you fools.

Back to the Future's iconic DeLorean will soon be available to drive on the futuristic pitches of Rocket League.

The time machine will appear from 21st October 2015 - which is, handily, the date Marty McFly travelled to in Back to the Future, Part 2.

The Back to the Future Car Pack costs $1.99 (about £1.30).

And yes, the back wheels do leave that lovely firey trail across the pitch.

Rocket League's next cosmetic DLC is the Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC pack, which launches this week.

The zeitgeist-topping football cars mash-up has sold more than 1m copies on Steam, and was downloaded over 5m times on PlayStation 4, where it launched as part of PlayStation Plus.

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