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Rocket League details its Fortnite-style Rocket Pass


Car football game Rocket League is getting its own version of Fortnite's Battle Pass, named the Rocket Pass.

It works in much the same way - developer Psyonix will sell a pass for each new in-game season of content released throughout the year. If you pay up you'll get extra cosmetic rewards as you play.

There's a free version of the Rocket Pass as well, which everyone gets. It includes customisation options, banners, titles and decryptors.

The Premium upgrade ($9.99 in the US, UK price TBA) will net you more of the above, plus car bodies and XP boosts.

XP is important because by levelling up you earn a Pass Tier, which unlock rewards. You can use keys to unlock additional Tiers - and fast-track your way to loot - if you so desire.

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You can see everything included in the Premium pass option before you purchase it, and you won't unlock any duplicate items until you have one of everything. All items are also eligible for trading.

Psyonix estimates that each free pass will take around 100 hours to unlock all content - not accounting for special events which might offer double XP.

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