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Rocket League 4K PlayStation Pro support arrives

A new year's resolution.

The Rocket League update enabling 4K, 60 frames per second support on PlayStation 4 Pro should be live now.

The update also boosts standard PS4 performance to 1080p60 across all Rocket League arenas in single and split-screen play. Most arenas achieve 60fps in up to four-player split-screen play too, apparently.

Digital Foundry ran a Rocket League PS4 vs. Xbox One Face-Off last week and found PS4 hitting 60fps fairly consistently - a marked improvement over the game's performance when it launched.

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Rocket League welcomes a couple of paid-for cars today as well. They're themed around the Hot Wheels toy cars I'm sure you've trodden on at home before - they're like painful little rollerskates.

There is a free Hot Wheels-themed topper and antenna, too, plus a Treasure Hunt flag and a Shark Bite topper.

Last but not least, the a Player's Choice crate people voted on arrives today.