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Rock Band 2 dated for PS and Wii

UK instrument pricing slashed, too.

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EA, Harmonix and MTV have announced that Rock Band 2 will be coming to British Sony and Nintendo fans within the next two months, and that they're cutting the cost of the game's instruments over here.

PS3 and PS2 will get the musical sequel on 27th March, while a Wii version will be released on 24th April.

The game's been out for Xbox 360 since last year, and indeed for all formats in the US since then - but an exclusivity arrangement with Microsoft has kept it off rival consoles in Europe for the intervening months.

The game will sell for GBP 49.99 or PS3, GBP 39.99 on Wii and GBP 29.99 on PS2.

The prices of instruments will also be revised: standalone drums will cost GBP 49.99, guitars GBP 39.99 and a full "instrument edition" set will set you back GBP 89.99.

There'll be official software and hardware bundles for the first time in the region, too. These come in at GBP 119.99 for PS3 and Xbox 360 and GBP 109.99 for PS2 and Wii.

These are now much more in line with US prices for Rock Band than previously. Justice at last.

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