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Rift developer to let others use its tech

Trion aims big with Red Door platform.

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Rift developer Trion Worlds has announced plans to let other companies use its tech to make and publish games through a platform codenamed Red Door.

Red Door is based on Trion's own tech, which it uses to make MMO Rift.

Gamers, Trion hopes, will see Red Door as a "single trusted destination for premium connected titles and rich social features".

Developers and publishers are to use Red Door to make and run games as services, quickly update them and charge for them.

"Media and entertainment are transforming into connected services that evolve around the user," said Trion boss Dr. Lars Buttler.

"Our goal is to revolutionize premium games and help the industry realize its potential in the connected era. Our first title Rift is just the tip of the iceberg; with Red Door we intend to catalyse significant change for the industry and unleash new creative possibilities. We want to hear from those with big bold ideas and dreams."

Trion has seen good success with Rift, which has sold more than a million units.

End of Nations, developed by Petroglyph, and Defiance, which it is developing with the Syfy channel, are expected next year.

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