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Liberation Front's Spartan and Patriot classes revealed.

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Happy New Year from Trion Worlds.

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Free to play action from Trion.

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End of Nations not cancelled but moved from Petroglyph to Trion

End of Nations not cancelled but moved from Petroglyph to Trion

UPDATE: 19 employees laid off. Over 90 remain.

Update: Petroglyph Games specified that its workforce was reduced by 19 employees, bringing it to over 90 people. The developer issued the following statement to Eurogamer:

"Petroglyph Games Inc., an innovative studio that has created and launched multiple successful games over the years, has concluded its work as developer on End of Nations for publisher Trion Worlds. As a result, Petroglyph has reduced its workforce by 19 employees.

The team at Petroglyph is very excited about End of Nations, a title which earned more than 50 nominations and awards while in development, and looks forward to its upcoming release."

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End of Nations closed beta release date in the spring

End of Nations closed beta release date in the spring

Online RTS ready to roll out next testing phase.

Free-to-play online RTS End of Nations is set to enter closed beta this "spring", publisher Trion Worlds has revealed.

Not too long to wait then, presumably.

Trion promises precise release information for the beta is coming soon, alongside fresh details on the game's classes and newly-revealed Hero Units.

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End of Nations Preview: The World at War

End of Nations Preview: The World at War

The teams behind Rift and Command and Conquer prepare the RTS MMO.

There's a strange thing in the End of Nations map I'm trying out, and that thing is a suspension railway. How quaint. The global economy has collapsed, the world is at war and all its major cities lie in ruin, yet as I send my troops into battle I can clearly see there's still a suspension railway trundling its way about this town I'm trying to occupy, casually weaving a route through the demolished buildings and over the cratered streets.

If there's anyone in any of its carriages, then they have a superb view of the fighting. Tanks the size of houses cascade down the main road like a tide of liquid metal, armoured infantry bounding along beside them. Low in the sky, a pair of trigger-happy helicopters launch ordinance liberally into the town square. Following the streaks of their missiles, it might just be possible to catch sight of the rocket launchers they fire at.

Then again, this sight might have become all too familiar for any passengers or commuters travelling by. Battles like this are raging across every continent, all day and every day. Generals come and go as they please, territories change hands by the hour and this regional skirmish might well be overshadowed by others nearby, battles where dozens of commanders could be hurling their troops into a massive melee. With all this war going on, it may be a struggle to find anything interesting to read in the morning metro paper.

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End of Nations to launch in 2012

End of Nations to launch in 2012

Rift publisher's RTS on the way.

Free-to-play online strategy game End of Nations will launch sometime in 2012, publisher Trion Worlds has confirmed.

A live demo on stage at Eurogamer Expo 2011 showed off some of the unit skins and colours available to buy in the freemium game.

Purchasable items are limited to these optional aesthetic upgrades. "It is not a pay to win game," Trion community manager Lance James reassured.

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End of Nations, Syfy "when they're done"

Rift maker Trion will take its merry time.

End of Nations and Syfy - the two other MMOs being made by Trion Worlds - will launch "when they're done". Trion has learnt from Rift that good things come to those who wait.