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End of Nations will be free to play

MMO RTS has optional subs.

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End of Nations, the MMO RTS being made by Petroglyph (Star Wars: Empire at War) for Trion Worlds (Rift), will be a free-to-play game.

For zero pounds and pence you can revel in 26-aside player battles, a persistent world, army customisation, a solo campaign, co-op mode and the Conquer the World multiplayer.

There is an optional and undisclosed monthly subscription fee offering "extra value and convenience".

Trion and Petroglyph promise that no "pay-to-win" items will be available from the in-game store. There's a FAQ.

End of Nations follows your progress as an army commander trying to destroy the evil Order of Nations. You'll belong to one of two factions, either the Shadow Revolution or the Liberation Front. Your general will unlock new abilities, units and super weapons as you go.

You can pop your name down for the End of Nations beta on the official website.

Whether the beta will happen this year hasn't been announced. Given that, we'd be surprised to see a 2011 release.

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