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Trion reveals End of Nations MMORTS

Develop your commander as you play.

Ambitious publisher Trion has revealed a real-time strategy MMO called End of Nations.

The game is for PC only and will be released next year. If it's the unnamed MMORTS Trion has mentioned before, then it's being developed by RTS specialists Petroglyph.

The idea is for thousands of commanders to battle against an AI Order of Nations threat in a persistent world broken into "combat zones". You'll be able to team up with friends or fight other players.

Experience will be granted after battles and can be spent on your commander's class, buying units, battalion sets, abilities and a bigger HQ. Some people may favour a mobile strike force, while others may gamble on precision strikes from super-weapons. Battles will be ongoing, 24/7.

There's no word on a business model.

Head over to our End of Nations gallery for the first spattering of shots.

Trion is also behind fantasy MMO Rift: Plains of Telara - formerly Heroes of Telara - and an unnamed MMO being developed in conjunction with a SyFy TV series.