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Rift 1.2 patch notes revealed

Facebook! Slivers! Wardrobe! LFG!

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Developer Trion has announced the full patch notes for Rift update 1.2, which arrives this Tuesday, 10th May.

Most of the content we've heard about, but not Facebook integration. With this you can share screenshots, YouTube video links and Achievements on your Facebook profile directly from the Rift game.

Trion will build up to 1.2's arrival from today with a Spoils of War prelude. Earth and Fire rifts are opening and spewing dragon eggs and monsters into the world. There will be daily quests in Meridian and Sanctum for those who want them.

Rift patch 1.2

  • Facebook Integration - Post updates, screenshots, or Achievements from Telara directly to your Facebook profile
  • Looking for Group - Automatically form groups for dungeons, rifts, and group quests. Complete random expert dungeons for additional bonuses
  • Wardrobe - Players can configure up to five outfit slots to choose between
  • New Ascended Powers - Omen Sight (Guardian) and Quantum Sight (Defiant) reveal openings to Slivers and even more in the future
  • Additional Role - Purchase a 5th role for more class flexibility
  • Many UI Improvements - Auction House, Crafting, and Artifacts all receive refinements
  • Gilded Prophecy Sliver - A new type of 10-player instance. Fight against Golden Maw cultists from another reality to prevent them from gaining relics of vast power
  • New Dynamic Content - Two new raid rifts, one new expert group rift, rifts specifically designed around rewarding crafters, and easier access to expert group rifts
  • Planar Chill - Control strategic locations in Iron Pine Peak against planar onslaught
  • Scourge of the Sands - Defend precious resources as they are moved to critical locations in Shimmersand Desert, then launch a counter attack
  • An Eye for an Eye- Guardians and Defiants summon their respective champions in order to defeat the Colossi

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