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Rift patch 1.2 release date changed

Needs more polish, says Trion.

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The upcoming 1.2 patch for MMO Rift has been pushed back from 4th May to 10th May, developer Trion Worlds has revealed.

"While functional and incredibly awesome, the new features in patch 1.2 are still being polished by the crack Rift development team," commented Trion.

"Because Trion is committed to bringing Rift players the best possible game experience, we're rescheduling the patch for a live date of May 10th in order to spend more time tweaking and perfecting."

The most talked about addition in patch 1.2 is the Looking For Group tool. Whether or not this work across servers (and allow heroes to temporarily join other realms to venture through an instance) remains to be seen. This would go a long way to solving the current struggle there is of filling groups.

Patch 1.2 brings the first Sliver to Rift called Gilded Prophecy. This a raid event that can only be seen and attempted by 10 heroes of maximum player level. The story of the Sliver follows an invasion by Golden Maw cultists to steal some relics. Look for the action in Shimmersand.

Tying into the Sliver event are two new Ascended Powers: one called Omen Sight for Guardians and one called Quantum Sight for Defiants. These show openings to Slivers, among other things.

Trion plans to introduce three new zone-wide event types, too: Tower Defense, Escort and Clash of the Colossi.

Also arriving in patch 1.2 is a purchasable (for 100 Platinum) fifth character Role; a five-outfit wardrobe system for vanity customisation; a recruit-a-friend initiative; an expert dungeon reset daily at 4am (you're bound to the instance you killed bosses in until that time); and searchable crafting and Artifact windows.

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