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Console cycle will last a long time - EA boss

Riccitiello reckons arms race has "subsided".

EA supremo John Riccitiello reckons the console war has calmed down, and thinks this generation of hardware will have a "very extended cycle".

"Big changes are not something we're seeing the need for in the medium term - nor do we expect that in the medium term," said the silver-haired fox during an investor call (eared by VG247).

"I think that arms race - I can never say that it's done - but the relevance of doing that faster and faster seems to have subsided.

"We're projecting... [the current generation] to be a very extended cycle," he added.

Both Sony and Microsoft have all-but confirmed this in the past; Sony clings tight to its "10-year plan" for PlayStation 3 and Microsoft doesn't want a repeat performance of the short-lived Xbox 1 cycle. But who will move first?

"I don't actually worry about that," EA Sports boss and former Xbox 360 guardian Peter Moore told Eurogamer recently, suggesting there are no strong hardware undercurrents stirring.

The most prevalent rumour is that Sony will unveil a redesigned PSP subtitled Go! during its platform holder conference at E3 next month. Speculation about new hardware E3 reveals by Microsoft and Nintendo is less rampant.