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New PSP will be called PSP Go! - sources

One stick, hundreds of downloadable games.

Reports are claiming the PSP2 will forego a numbered title in favour of a "Go!" subtitle.

Sources also told 1UP that the new model will come in two forms: one with 8GB built-in flash memory and another with 16GB. We're told PSP: Go! will arrive here this autumn.

The report goes on to mention the familiar sliding-screen design which, when extended, reveals a d-pad, one analogue nub and quartet of face buttons.

Furthermore, we're told Sony plans to have over 100 new and old PSP games available to download at launch.

Sony has declined to comment on rumour and speculation.

Late last year, publisher sources told Eurogamer that a separate PSP-4000 model would launch in 2009 before the PSP2, or PSP: Go!.

The Sony E3 conference should reveal all.

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