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Rez HD vibration support

No trance, but extra pads.

The upcoming Xbox Live Arcade version of Rez - called Rez HD - will not be compatible with the legendary USB trance vibrator peripheral, but don't be too downhearted (or in this case flaccid).

That's because Q Entertainment has apparently included a similar sort of option that allows you to treat up to three additional Xbox 360 controllers as trance vibrators, utilising their rumbling innards to simulate the original functions.

Clever old Joystiq found this out during a meeting with Microsofties at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and also saved us the trouble of looking up the link for the Game Girl Advance post about the trance vibrator with all the kinky pictures that got everyone sniggering about it in the first place.

Anyway, Rez HD - announced just prior to the Tokyo Game Show last year - is a proper HD port of the original Dreamcast/PS2 game and is due out this year.

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