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Resistance patch details

Multiplayer mending.

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Those of you in the UK who are lucky enough to be playing Resistance will be pleased to know that Insomniac has released details of an upcoming patch.

The changes are focussed on the multiplayer aspect of the game, and come in two forms. The server-side updates will see all maps becoming available for ranked games, with their size now determined by the number of players in the game. Those that didn't have time limits will now have them, and score limits in team deathmatches have been adjusted based on the number of people participating.

Client-side highlights include a new skin to replace the Skeleton, improved spawning options, map voting, and balance refinement between the Chimera and the Humans to make both races more fun to play.

Unfortunately there's no word on a release date for this patch and whether it will be applied to the European version of the game before the March 2007 launch.

The full list of details from Insomniac's online community manager, James Stevenson, can be found here.

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