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Resistance 3 demo with Battle: LA Blu-ray

30 minute sampler shows off swamp stage.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Shell out for a copy of cacophonous sci-fi wash-out Battle: Los Angeles on Blu-ray and you'll get access to a Resistance 3 demo.

According to G4TV, every copy of the Blu Ray includes access to a 30 minute demo for the forthcoming PlayStation 3 shooter.

Apparently you'll get to try the swamp stage shown off in the gameplay trailer below.

It's yet to be confirmed whether the offer is US-only, but we're chasing Sony for answers and will be sure to update.

The Battle: Los Angeles Blu-ray hits stores on 14th June in the US and 11th July in the UK, while Resistance 3 is due out on PlayStation 3 in September.

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