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Resident Evil Re:Verse has a new October release date

Leon me, when you're not strong.

At tonight’s Capcom showcase, we were given the latest release date for Resident Evil Re:verse.

Capcom's multiplayer spin-off from Resident Evil Village is now slated to release on 28th October, just in time for Hallowe’en.

Re:verse is a six-player deathmatch competitive multiplayer mode featuring various characters from Resident Evil's series history, such as Chris, Jill, Leon, Ada and Hunk, drenched in a comic book-like effect.

Capcom unveils its Resident Evil Village DLC - the Winters Expansion.Watch on YouTube

This latest date coincides with the release date for Village’s DLC known as the ‘Winters Expansion’.

This expansion sees three new additions making their way to the game – Shadows of Rose (which focuses on Ethan’s now teenage daughter), a third-person mode for the base game and The Mercenaries: Additional Orders (an arcade style action game). Here, you can now play as hero Chris Redfield or, more enticingly, the towering Lady Dimitrescu.

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