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Resident Evil 5 has Mercenaries

Famed RE4 arcade mode returns.

Capcom has confirmed, via its Capcom-Unity blog, that Resident Evil 5 has a Mercenaries mode.

Mercs first appeared in Resident Evil 4. Unlocked after you complete the main campaign, it's a score-attack arcade mode that swamps players in zombies and challenges them to kill as many as possible within a time limit. Simple, but brilliant.

Seems like nothing's changed. "You know the drill. You have to unlock it first, of course. Once you do, you jump in a never-ending swarm of baddies, and timed challenges test your true talent and skill in the game," says Capcom.

Resident Evil 5 is out in a week's time for PS3 and Xbox 360. Tons more at the Resident Evil 5 gamepage - and expect a review very soon.