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Resident Evil 2 remake players have found easy workarounds for the demo's 30-minute time limit

And speedruns have already begun.

When Capcom announced the Resident Evil 2 demo was a "1-shot" with a 30-minute time limit, many complained about not having long enough to try the game out.

Well, it turns out players have found easy workarounds - and of course the speedruns have begun.

Somewhat hilariously, once you've used up your 30 minutes on one account, you can simply load the demo up on another account on your console and play all over again (we've verified this works with our own tests on PlayStation 4). You can do this as many times as you're willing to create accounts across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. PC players have come up with ways to reset the demo timer, but these involve tinkering with Steam itself, which you may not feel comfortable doing.

With players able to give the "1-shot" demo more than one shot, the speedruns have already begun. There are multiple videos online showing players complete the thing in under three minutes. The fastest time I've seen so far is two minutes and 57 seconds (that run is in the video below), but I'm sure by the time the weekend is done, it'll be down further.

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It's worth taking your time with the Resident Evil 2 demo because it's superb. It gives you a great idea of the tone, atmosphere and feel of the full game, while also being pretty scary.

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