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Resident Evil 0, from N64 prototype to GameCube original to HD Remaster


Survival horror Resident Evil 0 has assumed a few forms over the years, and Capcom has released a cool new video that shows how it's changed.

The video, below, looks at a couple of scenes as they appear in an early prototype version of Resident Evil 0, the 2002 GameCube original, and the upcoming PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One HD Remaster.

We see copper Rebecca Chambers as well as bad boy Billy Coen, and of course plenty of zombies. And terrible dialogue and voice acting.

The fact Capcom is showing the prototype of Resident Evil 0 is interesting. The game was originally intended for the N64 console, looked a lot like the first three Resident Evil games, and was due out in 2000.

But production was shifted to the upcoming GameCube, the launch was delayed to November 2002 and the graphics upgraded to the "original" we see in the video.

Cover image for YouTube videoResident Evil 0 - Prototype to HD Remaster