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Sony debuts a Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart PS5 bundle

Get the console and PS5-exclusive for £510.

A Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart PS5 bundle has popped into existence at a number of retailers with a sale price of £509.99 in the UK.

Without much fanfare, the bundle was made available to purchase at Smyths Toys and Very, though the link to the latter store page has since been taken down. Naturally, as the hunt for PS5 stock is still a difficult one, that's because this bundle has already sold out.

It's not clear whether this bundle is also set to be released in the rest of Europe, the US or anywhere else in the world.

Unlike previous special edition PS4 consoles - like those released for The Last of Us Part 2 and Death Stranding - this bundle just features a standard PS5 and a disc copy of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. Bought together in this bundle, you get a £10 saving off the RRP.

Still, it's interesting to note that this marks the first time Sony has officially bundled in a copy of a PS5 game with its new console. It hasn't done so with the console's other big exclusives such as Dark Souls, Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Returnal. The extra time since launch to prepare this, and the fact that Ratchet and Clank has a fairly wide universal appeal, are our best guesses as to why Sony took this approach.

Any previous PS5 bundles have been thrown together by the retailer's themselves. This has mostly been a way to detract scalpers from buying up all the stock but also to get a bit of extra money from the in-demand console. Some of these have been reasonable - others less so, as cheap accessories, random meme-heavy t-shirts and unstylish baseball caps have unnecessarily bulked out orders.

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While this new bundle isn't available right now, we've added it to our list in our regular quest to monitor all the latest PS5 console availability. Some consoles are due to be put on sale at various retailers over the coming days including Amazon, Game, Argos and Smyths Toys.

And, while we don't expect it'll see a reduction as part of this year's Amazon Prime Day PS5 deals, we will be paying close attention during the sales event as it's a prime opportunity to release more consoles.

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